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FishOn Fly Fishing Stories

June 05, 2016

FishOn Fly Fishing Stories

With all the great photos we receive daily of serious fly fisherpersons across the globe wearing our FishOn gear, our favorite part are the captions that bring us into that moment and the complementary smiles that are captured along with their catch.  Thank you, James (@troutmaster434) for repp'n our gear, and sharing this record day with us! Fish on!

An absolute brute and my personal best on the fly! this rainbow took my 6th man as it drifted past me and fell into a dark seam, I was actually in the process of taking steps upstream to make another cast, when I went to roll my line over my body I thought I was hung on something, I turned around as I felt the rod shaking and saw this slab coming flying up from the depths. I was STOKED!!!

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