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FishOn Energy Co. Video presented by @joeldb98

April 27, 2016

FishOn Energy Co. Video presented by @joeldb98

FishOn Energy Co. Video presented by @joeldb98 from Sean Toshima on Vimeo.

Original video by Nick Welsh, featuring serious fly fishing buddies Joel Brown & Reed Conner.

It's so fun to see our FishOn Energy Co. gear out and about across the United States and around the globe! Humbling to see young, talented people, bring us with them while they wade around on a sunny day to get into some beautiful fish in their neck of the woods.  Thank you for this fun, positive, well shot video, Nick, Joel & Reed! Great work and we all greatly appreciate you repp'n our gear! Fish on!

Serious fly fisherman wearing the Dillon Hat and Rainbow Trout T-Shirt.

FishOn Energy Co. Video by @joeldb98 from FishOn Sean on Vimeo.