Featured Angler

July 22, 2016

Featured Angler

Name: Chris Park

What city/state do you reside?

Idaho Falls, ID

What rivers or lakes do you fish?

S.F. Snake River is my go-to! Henry's Fork, Henry's Lake and anything in Island Park. Anything spring creek-ish is the beez kneez!

What is your favorite fish to hunt?

Brown trout, hands down.

How long have you been fishing?

Been fishing for 19 years from Oregon to Illinois.

What would be your dream fishing trip?

Argentina! So many opportunities at trophy trout of all species. (Jurassic Lake included)

What is your favorite FECO gear?

Hats and shirts. Both are comfortable as can be and have the sickest designs.

Where can our customers follow you on Instagram and Facebook? 

Follow on IG @tuglife_fly & "Christopher Park" on Facebook