Featured Angler

October 14, 2016

Featured Angler

Name: Ben Maldonado

What city/state do you reside?

Houston, TX

What rivers or lakes do you fish?

I fish the saltwater marsh, back lakes and bays all along the Texas upper Coast.

What is your favorite fish to hunt?

My favorite fish to catch is Redfish on the fly.

How long have you been fishing?

I've been fishing for 16 years.

What would be your dream fishing trip?

My dream fishing trip would be anywhere I could land a tarpon, Bonefish and permit in the same day.

What is your favorite FECO gear?

I'm digging the new hat I bought.

Where can our customers follow you on Instagram and Facebook?

You can follow me at the following:

Instagram: @reelyakkers

Facebook: www.facebook.com/reelyakker

YouTube: www.youtube.com/reelyakkers