Featured Angler

March 18, 2016

Featured Angler

Name: Caleb Engel

What city/state do you reside?

I live in Bakersfield California (sadly)

What rivers or lakes do you fish?

Rivers I fish are the Owens river, walker river, Kern river. Lakes I fish are Bridgeport and Crowley lake.

What is your favorite fish to hunt?

My favorite fish to hunt are big rainbows.

How long have you been fishing?

I've been fly fishing for about 8 years now maybe 9

What would be your dream fishing trip?

Dream fishing trip would be to New Zealand

What is your favorite FECO gear?

Favorite FECO gear is the hats and beanies!

Where can our customers follow you on Instagram and Facebook?

Customers can follow me on Instagram with the username @calebengel. Love all your guys apparel and pictures!