Featured Angler

May 20, 2016

Featured Angler

Name: Ryan Millhollin

What city/state do you reside?

Great Falls, Montana

What rivers or lakes do you fish?

The Missouri River, Belt Creek, Otter creek, just to name a few!

What is your favorite fish to hunt?

My favorite fish to hunt is definitely a big Brown Trout!

How long have you been fishing?

I've been fly fishing since my dad taught me when I was 9

What would be your dream fishing trip?

Dream fishing trip would be going after Bone fish and blue Trevally on the Christmas Islands

What is your favorite FECO gear?

Favorite Gear is my Diablo Leather Trout hat!

Where can our customers follow you on Instagram and Facebook?

Check out Truly Montana Outdoors on Facebook and follow us @trulymontana_outdoors on Instagram for more awesome fishing pictures!